ANDE's 2016 Impact Report on the State of the SGB Sector

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SMALL AND GROWING BUSINESSES SGBs are commercially viable businesses with between five and 250 employees that have strong potential for growth. Growth is key to this definition, as it is the focus on growth that differentiates SGBs from the broader group of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Unlike the vast majority of microentrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who start and manage SGBs have ambition to scale. Not only do they create income for their families, but they also have the potential to create jobs for the local economy and increase access to critical goods and services for underserved communities. In contrast to more established, larger enterprises, SGBs often lack access to the fi nancial or knowledge resources they need to grow. Thus, their potential for social impact is not fully tapped.

ABOUT SGB INTERMEDIARIES Intermediaries include organizations that work directly with SGBs, such as investors and capacity development providers. They also include organizations that support SGBs indirectly, such as development fi nance institutions, private foundations, and research institutions. Intermediaries assist SGBs on their path to scale, and they tend to focus on the four major challenges that present barriers to growth: access to talent, access to capital, access to markets, and an enabling business environment. 

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