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   The benefits of using the SME Toolkit

As the COO of De-Ideal Agro-Allied services Ltd, I applied for the Goldman Sachs Scholarship Program. The completion of the programme earned me a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management at EDC, this enabled me to acquire skills necessary to take my business to the next level. When I had challenges in recruiting staff, I consulted a recruitment specialist for the exercise, but I could not afford to pay for the services. As I was thinking about how to embark upon this process, I remembered the SME TOOLKIT which was introduced to us during the certificate program at EDC. It was from this “saviour kit” I gathered the knowledge from the templates to complete the exercise. The template I used include:

i. Application form – which was sent out to applicants, (sent out to applicants) was used to screen the potential candidates for interview. I didn’t have to design one myself.

ii. Creation of Assessment sheet – this helped me to be more objective rather than subjective during the selection. It also helped to ensure that I briefed my selection team more professionally and prepared for the interview better. I knew what I wanted but the SME Toolkit helped in organising the process.

iii. After selection, I even had a template for offer letter! You’ll think I am a consultant in recruitment.

But the sweetest part is that I was able to save a lot of money. In all, I spent just N4,000 (about US$currency_symbol$25). I could have spent twenty times this amount.

Meanwhile, I had entered for a competition on writing a Business Plan organised by Abuja Enterprise Agency. I eventually emerged as the winner of the competition. After winning the star prize, some young entrepreneurs consulted me on how they could develop a good business plan and I referred them to the SMETOOLKIT site. It has now become their dictionary and directory for business issues.

Later, I discovered that one of the judges at the Business Plan Competition also makes use of the HR templates for recruitment exercise in his institute. ----What an interesting coincidence!

Thanks a million! Now I believe there is hope for people that have chosen the path of entrepreneurship despite all hurdles and thorns. We must however be prepared to learn and use the right tools if we must achieve our ultimate goal. I am forever grateful to the Nigeria SME Toolkit.

Saidat Sonoiki
SME Toolkit trainer
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I am Nigerian :)

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