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ABC Limited, having its office located at (Address) have the pleasure of informing you of the Offer letter of Employment as Sales Associate in our organization starting from the (Date)

This offer is subject to satisfactory references. Primarily, you shall work from the Company’s premises at XXX. However, from time to time, it may be necessary, to require you to carry out your duties in another location, such flexibility will be due to the needs of the Business and we will aim to give you reasonable notice

1)       Remuneration and Benefits

You will be entitled to an after tax monthly salary of 35,000.00 (One hundred thousand naira only) The Terms of Employment are as follows:

Basic Salary


Housing Allowance


Transport Subsidy




2)       Taxes

All forms of compensation referred to in this agreement are subject to applicable taxes

3)       Bonus

You may be paid a periodic or one off bonus by the Company which shall be a privilege determined entirely at the Company’s discretion. We intend to make pay out sales arranged and made through you with a % of the profits going towards your bonus for that quarter.

4)       Work hours

Your standard work hours are from 8 30am – 5 30 pm with 1 hour lunch break taken at any time between the hours of 12- 1pm in short forms of 30 minutes. However, you are required to put in necessary hours required to execute the tasks assigned to you

5)       Annual Leave

You are entitled to a paid annual Leave period of 21 working days annually, which you may take any time after you have been confirmed after your first 6 Months in Service

6)       Probation

This appointment is subject to (6) Months’ probation Period commencing from the date of your resumption. After the said period, your Appointment will be confirmed in writing, subject to your achievement of a satisfactory rating in your performance appraisal

Where your performance Appraisal is unsatisfactory, the Company may at its sole discretion extend your probation Period or terminate this offer of employment forthwith

Where your performance appraisal remains unsatisfactory at the end of the extended probation period, the Company reserves the right to terminate this offer of employment forthwith

7)       Termination of Appointment

During the probation Period or the extended Probation Period, this appointment may be terminated at any time by either party without stating any reason and without giving any prior notice or payment in lieu of notice

After the confirmation of appointment, the Appointment may be terminated by either party by giving one (1) months’ notice in writing of intention to terminate or by paying one (1) month salary to the other in lieu of notice

The Company reserves the right to terminate the Appointment summarily ie without notice or payment in lieu of notice, in case of fraud or any serious misconduct. The company also reserves the right to reject any termination or notice of intention to terminate given by you in appropriate instances where there is cause to investigate your conduct or the performance of your duties

While in the Company’s employment, you will be expected to devote all your time (during your work hours) solely and exclusively to the interests, business and affairs of the Katie Wang Company

8)       Dress Code and Grooming Policy

We take appearance at work very seriously. Our Company’s official dress code is smart casual. All clothes must project professionalism and employees are required to be clean and well groomed at all times .Managers are expected to dress in business casual during internal and external meetings.

Footwear and accessories should be smart casual

9)       Confidential Information

Your acceptance of this offer commits you to undertake not to disclose to any party including any future employer, any confidential information relating to the business of the Katie Wang Company, acquired during your employment by the Company. Upon dis engagement from the Company, all materials and resources belonging to the Company should be returned to the Company through the human resources Department.

10)    Other Terms

Your employment is also subject to other terms and Conditions as are contained in the Company’s Employee Handbook

We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to this agreement and will notify you in writing of such changes. Such changes will be deemed to be accepted unless you notify us of any objections you may have before the Commencement date

By signing this Agreement, you confirm to the Company that you are under no contractual or other legal obligations that would prohibit you from performing your duties with the Company

If you wish to accept this offer please sign and date both copies of this agreement and return a copy to the undersigned

Yours Sincerely,

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