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Sector Events in the 1st Quarter, 2011

SME Toolkit Awareness and Training Programs

Training and awareness programs have been extended to other parts of Nigeria outside Lagos for business owners in micro, small and medium enterprises. After each workshop, participants complete the online evaluation form to determine if their expectations have been met, new acquisition or learning experience from the workshop and the usefulness of SME toolkit. The evaluation results of the workshops will be continuously measured and recorded to know the long-term impact of the SME Toolkit in improving business, Also, it will help to determine new innovations to be adopted and limitations of the SME Toolkit in the business environment.


Round table discussion with Google Director

The collaboration of businesses has been identified as a challenge facing the SME sector in Nigeria.  In recognition of this area of concern and as a way of proffering possible solutions, Google and EDC, Pan-African University organized a round table discussion session by inviting selected entrepreneurs with varied professions within their network and SME logic club members from the Lagos Business School, Nigeria to discuss the factors contributing to inability for companies to collaborate and build sustainable businesses in Nigeria. Responses include the need to create value, encourage mentorship, diversify resources and support entrepreneurship amongst school leavers. Also, the need to create awareness was mentioned, for instance many small businesses are unaware of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects handled by big locally based and other multinational organization.

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