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Learn to better manage the financials of your business by watching our interactive videos on these accounting and finance topics.
The Cashflow Statement
Learn how to create a cash flow statement and why your business will benefit from it.
Introduction to Costs
Get to know different types of costs and how to calculate your businesses’ break-even point.
Controlling Costs
Watch this video to know more about ways to increase profits by controlling your costs.
Income Statement
Find out how to plan for the future of your business by monitoring your profits and losses.
Balance Sheet
Explore how to create a balance sheet and why it is important to your business.
Overview of Financial Analysis
Understand how periodic financial analysis will help making proper decisions for your business.
How to Create a Business Plan
Explore why a business plan is important for your business and how to create one.
How to Finance your Business
Watch this video to know more about ways to finance your business.
How to Apply for a Loan
Learn about loan characteristics and how to qualify for a bank loan.
Importance of Liquidity
Understand the concept of liquidity and why it is important for your business.
Profitability Ratios
Analyze the profitability of your company to discern which activities or assets are making money for you.
Managing your Inventory
Learn how to save money by managing your inventory efficiently.
Market Research
Learn how market research can affect your company’s bottom line and improve your marketing.
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