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Projected Staff Scheduling

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This tool helps you manage and plan your human resources. It will enable you to calculate the number of employees you will need over a certain period of time, or to start your new business.

This is a simple tool to help you schedule your staff. You can customize the hours covered in each shift (morning, afternoon and evening) and use a color code or an X to mark which employee covers each shift. You can use it on a weekly base and/or have a monthly planning.

File Description

The file is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template. Once you've downloaded the file, you must copy it to your EXCEL\XLSTART directory in order to use it.

Special Features

  • Download this spreadsheet template just once, and be able to use it over and over again.
  • The spreadsheet contains the formatting for a weekly and monthly employee schedule.
  • The spreadsheet can be completely customized — you can quickly add or delete items or revise the format to meet your needs.
  • The spreadsheet is easy to use. Just plug in your employees and it will automatically show you the staffing for your new business.



Projected Staffing Schedule Worksheet

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