Job Description

Take some time to think about what the employee will be doing for your company. Think of all the duties this person will perform on a regular basis, then prioritize their importance. For tips on writing an effective job description go HERE. Your responses will be collected and included in your hiring worksheet at the end of this process. You will then use this worksheet to help you focus on what needs you're looking to fill.

Briefly summarize the key responsibilities of the person you're looking to hire (no more than 25 words). (For example: "Will handle sales and service to corporate customers in the Midwest region")

List the top five duties this person will be performing for your company. (For example: Prepares lists of leads from advertising responses; Contacts and visits clients and prospects to evaluate ongoing needs; Prepares and signs contracts with clients; Develops and maintains ongoing customer relationships)

Will this person be managing others? Yes No
Will this person meet with clients? Yes No
Will this person grow with your company?
(Is he or she promotable?)
Yes No
Are you willing to train this person? Yes No
Does this position require industry contacts? Yes No
Does this position require any special skills? Yes No

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