Job Description Worksheet

The worksheet below is designed to help you determine how well job candidates meet the criteria you've established for this job opening. It summarizes the job description, work skills and character traits you've determined are crucial for this opening.

This worksheet is meant to be used off-line. Use your browser's print button to print out copies of this worksheet and save it. Immediately after each interview, examine your notes and rank how the candidate measured up in each of the key areas. In the section following this one, you will find some sample interview questions that will help you get at these traits. After you've completed all your interviews, compare the different worksheets to assess who comes closest to your ideal hire.

Keep in mind that successful hiring is often a matter of trade-offs. It's unlikely that one candidate will succeed in every category you've chosen. You should expect to compromise in some areas so you can find someone who thrives in others. Remember, also, that successful hiring requires a certain amount of subjectivity -- there are times you need to trust your gut. While you're not hiring someone to be your friend, you will be interacting with them regularly, so you should look for people you will like. If someone -- even a stellar candidate -- rubs you the wrong way during an interview, it could be a sign of future conflict and strain.

CANDIDATE'S NAME:________________________________________




Use the table below to assess how the job candidate measures up to the traits you described previously.

Include any other comments about the candidate in the space below:





Click below to see sample interview questions.

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