Know Who You Want to Hire: An Interactive Hiring Tool

Hiring is one of the toughest elements of small business management. Determining what talent a business needs to succeed, then finding the time and know-how to recruit these people, stymies many entrepreneurs. Successful hiring can be expensive and time consuming. Unsuccessful hiring can be disastrous to a company's health.

What makes hiring even more challenging than bookkeeping, business planning, or many other business challenges is that help with the hiring process is difficult to find. Recruiters can be expensive, and may not always have the interests of your business at heart. Books can provide some guidance, but can't be customized.

The key to helping yourself through the process of finding the right person is to develop a crystal clear idea of what you're looking for. This description must include both the duties the job entails and the type of person who is best suited to those tasks. Once you have a description, success hinges on asking the right questions during the interview process.

Throughout the entire hiring process, you also need to evaluate candidates to determine how they will mesh with your company culture and the team members you have in place. They need to be in sync with your company's personality, standards, and vision.

How this hiring tool works

This hiring tool provides you with the elements you need to make a successful hire. Used properly, it will enable you to hire more quickly and with greater success.

This tool will:

  • help you develop an accurate job description
  • lead you through a series of work-related and personal character traits to help you determine what you want in an employee
  • generate a customized worksheet that you can use to evaluate various candidates for the opening
  • provide you with sample interview questions that can assist in determining whether a candidate meets the above job description

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