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Banana Island Hotel

Banana Island Hotel is a small hotel located on Banana Island, Ikoyi, a major new business district. It is a converted duplex with 10 guest rooms and two guest suites. Its downstairs breakfast/dining area will also be available as a catering location.

Public Relations:

Building strong credibility within the community is always helpful. Guests needing accommodations are often referred by people in the area. The hotel's location in a residential neighbourhood will also generate activity from business people  looking for accommodations in close proximity.

The inn will take the following action to generate community PR:

  • Support community programs. Become an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, and Business Residents association. The hotel will also be made available to these organizations as a meeting place.
  • Work with locally focused NGOs. These associations also provide the opportunity for joint publicity and advertising.
  • Market through the media. The hotel plans to work with local, regional, and national media to get broad coverage. We recently issued our first press release detailing the extensive, renovations we did to the Banana Island hotel. The release was sent to travel publications, “See Lagos” ", and shelter publications, and resulted in several interviews and three articles.
  • Create a media kit. Include the following:
    • pen and ink drawing of the Inn
    • photographs of the interiors and the grounds
    • a history of the property
    • a description of the house and rooms
    • copy of the brochure and rate card
    • information on what to do in the area

The kit will be sent to travel and guide book writers and editors including the Nigeria Tourism Board. A list of travel writers, guide book writers, freelancers, and other appropriate media will be maintained and update regularly.

  • Cooperating with area businesses. Personal calls have been placed to area business, especially restaurants, other hotels , leisure clubs ,Bars  and corporate offices. Each call will be followed up by a letter.
  • Contacting corporate citizens. The immediate neighborhood will be notified via flyer. The flyer will announce the arrival of the hotel  and promote it as an alternative to hotels for visiting business people..

Brochure/Collateral Materials

An attractive brochure is critical to any marketing program, particularly a hotel. We have taken great care to select images and copy that portrays Banana Island hotel in an inviting manner. Fred Osagie, an area graphic artist was hired to design the logo and handle the brochure's production. Matthew Ogene , a well-known travel photographer whose work has appeared in several books and magazines, took the photos. The brochure will be a tri-fold - in order to expedite mailing costs - with a separate rate card insert. A copy of the brochure is attached in the Supporting Documents section.

The brochure will also be distributed locally to the Civic Center, Ikoyi Club, Boat Club , Tourism Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and area businesses. Copies are also being mailed to travel agents, and will be available through the Hotel’s Association.

The name and logo of the hotel also will be used on note cards (featuring a water color rendering of the Banana Island Hotel ). These cards will be available in the rooms, and guests may purchase packages of them as well. We also plan to incorporate the name and logo on business cards, stationery, envelopes and rate/policy cards.

Reservation Services/Travel Agents

The hotel reservation websites  will, for a small monthly fee and commission, book rooms, screen guests, and provide some publicity. This service will be invaluable during the first start-up months.

The hotel will be listed in THE HOTEL GUIDE, a travel agent's guide to unique accommodations. This guide book is distributed free to travel agents, and lists hotels and by geographical region, with a detailed description of each property. For an additional N40,000, a photo of the Banana hotel was placed in the next edition.

The Banana Island Hotel also will be listed in HOTEL ONLINE, a new electronic directory for travel agents.

Yellow Pages/Guide Books

The Banana Island Hotel is listed in the Yellow Pages under the categories “Guest Inns" and "Hotels."

The number of guide books the Banana can be listed in will vary depending on publication dates and availability of writers. There are currently more than 40 online hotel guides in print, and fewer than 40%  charge for listings. All these guides are on the hotel’s media list (described above) and have been sent press releases announcing our upcoming opening.

Special Promotions

There will be special promotions throughout the course of the year. The goal of these promotions is to attract guests during the off-season. All promotions will be monitored to determine those attracting the greatest response. In addition, all phone callers will be asked how they heard about the Banana, and the information will be recorded and tracked.

The hotel also intends to offer gift certificates, and will promote these as an ideal business or personal gift.

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