Work Style

Every person has a unique work style, so you need to be clear about how you picture this employee working in your company. The way this person works needs to correspond with the way your company conducts business. For example, a person who thrives off the energy of others won't work well in a company where everyone works alone. Take a moment to analyze how successful people in your company work, then answer the following question.

Which of the following traits best describe the work style of the person you are looking to hire? (Select up to 5)

Works best in a team
Works best alone
Generates solutions independently
Works without needing direction
Accepts direction to get job done
Generates creative solutions to problems
Tackles problems head on
Thinks problems through before tackling
Takes risks
Puts self before others
Puts others before self
Is highly organized
Is intuitive
Feels secure with his/her skills
Has a good sense of humor

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