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Build Integrity Into Your Company

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‘’Stakeholders need to be able to trust the company as a legal entity – to be sure of it, to be able to count on it, to believe in it. A trustworthy corporation attracts those who, for example, want to invest in, want to work for, want to buy products from, and want to supply products to the corporation. Trustworthiness can be economic or moral. It is economic if the company is able to realize its shareholders’ expectations with regards to profit and revenue. It is moral if the company is correct, sincere, intact, meticulous and fair. ‘’ (Kaptein and Kaptein, 1998)

For your company to translate its lofty mission and vision into a reality within the constraints of the harsh operating environment, it needs to be, and be seen to be, trustworthy. Hence, there is a need to examine the ethical content of your company with a view to improving its moral trustworthiness and enabling it live up to its corporate mission.


  • Name 10 values describing who you are (personal values) Name 10 values currently characterizing the current culture in your company. Which 10 values are essential for the success for your company? (target values/culture) Is there any congruence between the three lists?
  • Engage in some introspection: What are my values? How do I live my values? Is my talking in line with my behavior? Are they visible to my staff?
  • Design a Vision/Mission/Motto/Philosophy
  • Be a Role-Model
  • Train your staff
  • Existing and future Values have to be in line with the company culture and targets.
  • Clarify required behavior accordingly
  • Are policy and procedures in line with the mission/vision key values? These need to be defined accordingly for the different departments/responsibilities
  • Every staff member needs to understand the Mission as well as his contribution necessary to achieve it.
  • Common understanding and knowledge will create company identity.
  • Provide identity to your staff by having company targets which are achievable, understandable and make sense to your staff.
  • Motivate staff by providing a suitable working environment where your staff recognize and understand the value of their contribution to the company targets.
  • Ensure your staff is aware of the personal benefit in learning and developing themselves in your company
  • Behave according to your mission.
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